EU-klimaatrapport: ‘Wir schaffen das’

Het Europees Milieuagentschap publiceert met tussenpozen klimaatrapporten. In de jongste versie wordt opnieuw een tour d’horizon gemaakt van alle actuele problemen, maar alles netjes ingekapseld in brave, bureauvcratische stijl: het gaat zowaar vooruit want klimaataanpassing wint veld op de politieke agenda! Geen enkele “sense of urgency”, geen enkele bedreiging voor “business as usual”, Europa lost alles wel op, jongens en meisjes.

Key messages uit het rapport:

  • All of the key findings from the 2012 European Environment Agency (EEA) report on climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe are still valid.
  • Climate change is continuing globally and in Europe.
  • New record levels of some climatic variables have been established in recent years
  • Global climate change has substantially increased the probability of various recent extreme weather and climate events in Europe.
  • The observed changes in climate are already having wide-ranging impacts on ecosystems, economic sectors and human health and well-being in Europe. .
  • Ecosystems and protected areas are under pressure from climate change and other stressors, such as land use change.
  • Most impacts of climate change across Europe have been adverse, although some impacts have been beneficial.
  • Climate change will continue for many decades to come, having further impacts on ecosystems and society.
  • The magnitude of future climate change and its impacts from the middle of the century onwards depend on the effectiveness of global climate mitigation efforts.
  • Climate change is affecting all regions in Europe, but the impacts are not uniform.
  • Economic costs can potentially be high, even for modest levels of climate change, and these costs rise significantly for scenarios of greater levels of warming.
  • Europe is vulnerable to climate change impacts outside Europe through six major pathways: the trade of agricultural commodities, the trade of non-agricultural commodities, infrastructure and transport, geopolitics and security risks, human mobility related to migration and finance.
  • Climate change adaptation strategies, policies and actions, including the mainstreaming of them into other policies, are progressing at all governance levels (European Union (EU), transnational, national and local
  • The knowledge base regarding climate change impacts, vulnerability, risk and adaptation assessments in Europe could be enhanced.

Rapport (25/1/17) : Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016 (pdf, 66MB)

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