State of the Climate in 2015: heter

Wetenschappers van over de hele wereld werkten samen aan dit rapport (2/8/2016), en het ziet er niet fraai uit. 2015 was het heetste jaar, we sluiten de heetste 5 jaar, en de heetste 10 jaar af. Enkele citaten van redacteurs:

  • I think the time to call the doctor was years ago. We are awash in multiple symptoms.
  • the implications for humanity were bad.
  • There is really only one word for this parade of shattered climate records: grim.
  • This impacts people. This is real life.
  • man had made a nightmare mix.
  • It’s like injecting an already amped-up climate system with a dose of (natural) steroids.

Conclusie van Daily Star 3/8/2016: ‘The time to act was years ago’ Soaring heat means ‘grim’ future for humanity – EARTH faces a “grim” future – and it could be too late to save ourselves, according to scientists.

Bekijk ook het korte videofilmpje bij Daily Star of euronews.